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Stocks Continued Their Winning Streak

Stock Market Update Tuesday December 19, 2023 Stocks continued their winning streak, with the S&P 500 gaining 0.6%, achieving its eighth positive finish in nine sessions. The Nasdaq 100 mirrored the trend, rising by a comparable margin, pushing its year-to-date gains to an impressive 54%. The market remains in an uptrend, and traders show little inclination to disrupt the positive momentum. Despite concerns of complacency, it may persist until a triggering event occurs, as complacency doesn't necessarily lead to immediate consequences.

Away from stocks: Treasury yields edged lower, with the two-year note settling at 4.41% and the long bond at 4.03%, down two basis points each. Meanwhile, gold prices climbed to $2,041 an ounce, WTI crude advanced above $74 a barrel, and the VIX remained comfortably below 13.


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