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Stock Market Update Friday July 5, 2024

Stock Market Update Friday July 5, 2024 The stock market showed a modest increase by midday, with the Nasdaq Composite advancing 0.75%, despite notable weakness across most AI proxies, especially within the semiconductor sector. As the session progressed into the afternoon, the market edged slightly higher.

Away From Stocks: The US dollar experienced a mild decline, while fixed-income securities displayed significant strength. However, the standout movement was in the metals market. Following Wednesday's rally, precious metals surged aggressively today, with gold appreciating by over 1% and silver by 3%


We have been long-time buyers of Bitcoin. Since June 18, 2024, we alerted our premium members on Discord to be cautious about the crypto. Our downside target has been reached today. Now, we are waiting for our proprietary algorithm to issue a buy alert so that we can begin accumulating Bitcoin.


Posted in our premium discord room on April Monday 29th 2024 Tesla Algorithm Buy Alert


On May 6th, 2024, Premium Members on Discord were alerted to a buy signal SPY & QQQ from our proprietary algorithm.

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