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Stock Market Update Friday February 16, 2024

Stock Market Update Friday February 16, 2024 This morning's macroeconomic events featured housing-related data, showing weakness, and various versions of the Producer Price Index (PPI), all indicating higher-than-expected inflationary pressures. This collective outcome reflects a scenario of stagflation, the economic condition characterized by stagnant growth coupled with rising prices. I believe we have been and will continue to be in this environment, albeit with somewhat moderated growth.

The release of the data had a mild impact on equity prices, with the Nasdaq showing a decline of about 0.5% through midday, while the Dow and S&P remained relatively unchanged. Today's session coincides with another significant option expiration, suggesting that the price movements are unlikely to be strongly influenced by underlying fundamentals, a trend that has persisted for some time. In the afternoon, the market witnessed a sell-off, led by the Nasdaq.


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