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Sideways Consolidation and Bullish Seasonality

Stock Market Update Monday November 13, 2023 Navigating Mid November Trends A Time of Sideways Consolidation and Bullish Seasonality As we approach the middle of November. Monday's trading session saw a pause in the recent upward momentum, with both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq closing slightly lower than their previous positions. This slight retreat can be seen as a market breather following the substantial run-up in recent times. Interestingly, trading volume in the SPY ETF, a popular proxy for the S&P 500, was notably light. This subdued trading activity is likely in anticipation of the upcoming Consumer Price Index (CPI) data release tomorrow, which investors are keenly awaiting as a potential market mover.

Away from stocks In the fixed income market, U.S. Treasurys mirrored the equities' pause, finishing the day with little change. The yields on the 2-year and 30-year bonds closed at 5.02% and 4.75%, respectively, showing only minor deviations from their levels last Friday.

The commodities market, however, presented a slightly different picture. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil saw an uptick, approaching the $79 per barrel mark. This rise in oil prices could be reflective of various global economic and geopolitical factors. Gold also experienced a slight increase, with its price edging up to $1,947 per ounce, possibly indicating a cautious hedge against market uncertainty.

Volatility Index: A Measure of Market Sentiment

The Volatility Index (VIX), often regarded as the market's 'fear gauge', climbed towards the 15 level. This increase, while not drastic, does suggest a growing sense of caution or uncertainty among investors about the near-term market direction.

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SPY ETF 10 Minute Stock Chart Monday November 13, 2023
SPY ETF 10 Minute Stock Chart Monday November 13, 2023


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