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Our Take On Proprietary Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms furnish traders with capital, trading infrastructure, and additional resources for market engagement. Key factors to weigh in selecting prop firms include the ability to trade multiple tests and live prop accounts. APEX, among the top 4 recommended stands out by permitting simultaneous trading in up to 20 accounts.

TAKE PROFIT TRADER Click On The Link For More Information  emphasizes swift payouts post-test success (in as little as 5 days), aligning with traders' core motivations. The qualification test fee is slightly higher, with promotions and free accounts upon passing the evaluation offset costs. TPT stands out with rapid fund withdrawals from the first day of live trading, with the only condition being leaving the largest drawdown during the test in the live account. Exceptional support and end-of-day drawdown calculations enhance TPT's appeal. Future additions include trading stocks and cryptocurrencies alongside existing futures options. Responsive live chat support operates 10 hours a day, Monday to Friday.


APEX TRADER FUNDING Click On The Link For More Information! They are #1 in the business in size and number of traders. Apex frequently has sales that are as much as 80% off the cost of the testing fees, making them the lowest-cost option. They will let you keep the first 25K in profit per account, but the actual payouts are limited for the first couple of months to 2000 dollars per withdrawal period, regardless of how much profit you make. Note: the biggest drawback to APEX is the "open equity" drawdown which can leave new traders wondering why they failed a test without losing a lot of money requiring a new subscription. Please visit the site and learn about drawdowns. We feel this is very important to know. The customer support is solid but through a ticketing system that responds quickly.


ELITE TRADER FUNDING Click On The Link For More Information! Provides an extensive array of test accounts, allowing you to retain the initial $12,500 in profits. With a 15-day live trading period before receiving a payout, they position themselves in the middle ground for payout durations.


TOP STEP TRADER Click On The Link For More Information! With over a decade of experience, this well-established prop firm, although slightly pricier, boasts a stellar reputation. While drawdowns may not be as generous, passing their test lets you retain the initial 10K in profits, featuring a 90/10 trader split. It's crucial to recognize that prop trading offers advantages but entails adherence to firm rules, risk management, and potential performance targets. Prospective traders should meticulously scrutinize terms and conditions before affiliating with any prop firm, as they can vary significantly.


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