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ES Futures Day Trading Recap Friday February 23, 2024

ES Futures Day Trading Recap Friday February 23, 2024 The ES experienced a gap-up today and traded sideways with light volume, with a narrow range day as you can see in the charts. resulting in marginal changes on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, concluding another successful week for bullish investors. During periods of sideways trading in the ES, characterized by minimal momentum and narrowing price ranges, initiating positions becomes increasingly risky.

Monday, February 26 Strategy: The 30-minute chart signals an uptrend, indicating continued bullish dominance until our algorithms trigger a sell alert. Our strategy involves monitoring overnight futures and floor trader pivots to identify selling resistance and buying support levels. The ES charts we use are specifically designed for the current trading day only.

SPY 30 Minute Chart, Uptrend continues, Economic Calendar for Monday February 26

ES 30 Minute Chart Uptrend continues, the oscillator dominates the trend, the red line is secondary, when the two agree the trend is strong.

SPY 5 Minute Chart, when ranges narrow risk rises. Moving average is sideways there is no trend.

ES 5 Minute Chart, We sell resistance buy support, Never short in a green zone and never buy in a red zone.

This weeks performance 2-19-24 to 2-23-24

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