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CPI Propelled S&P500 to Fresh 52-Week Highs

Stock Market Update Tuesday December 12, 2023 November CPI Propelled S&P500 to Fresh 52-Week Highs, settling near 3% of the early 2022 peak. Treasurys showed minimal change, with a 2-basis-point increase in the two-year yield to 4.73%, the long bond slipping to 4.3%. WTI crude hit a six-month low below $69, and gold consolidated near $1,980. The VIX barely closed above 12. Our properitary algorithm gave us the alert for November 1st to buy the SPY, QQQ, IWM, and the DIA and our premium members benefited greatly, with some still holding positions, called runners. We don't predict stock markets we only prepare for the next move. The question is what are you going to do in Q1 2024. Markets offer valuable insights if we listen.

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