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Why We Do Not Short Growth Stocks

Why We Do Not Short Growth Stocks. We focus on growth companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia and Tesla that play an essential role in our daily lives. Our proprietary algorithms help us identify opportune entry and when to buy and when not to. We firmly believe in a buy-and-hold approach for this segment, as fundamentals, not technical charting indicators, dictate the long-term trajectory of growth company valuations.

Equities present the inherent potential for long-term appreciation because basic human needs drive the demand for goods and services. Every day, we wake up, work hard to provide for ourselves and our families, and strive to build a better future. Our conviction in growth companies stems from the understanding that strong fundamentals ultimately determine long-term price trends. Holding these companies and letting time run its course can lead to undervaluation, followed by inevitable price increases as underlying fundamentals evolve to support their true worth.

NVDA Weekly Chart Stock Friday December 22, 2023
Nvidia NVDA Weekly Chart Stock Friday December 22, 2023


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