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Recap Trading Week: A Tale of Two Titan Stocks Microsoft & Netflix

Microsoft Stock Chart
Microsoft Stock Chart

Recap Trading Week: A Tale of Two Titan Stocks Let's rewind a bit and take a stroll down memory lane to the trading week that just passed. It was a week that saw the ebb and flow of market tides, a week that put to test the mettle of traders, and above all, a week that underscored the importance of astute decision-making. As we pull the curtain back on this rollercoaster week, we'll focus on two tech titans Microsoft(MSFT and Netflix NFLX.

Our premium clients had a front-row seat to this action-packed week, as we guided them through the tumultuous earnings week in the stock market. Because of technical analysis we alerted our premium clients to capitalize on these two stocks.

Our core position is still long these two names. The larger time frame is still favoring buyers of these two stocks based on our proprietary algorithm buy signals earlier this year.

The Microsoft Maneuver

Taking Profits Off the Table

As the week unfolded, there was a particular moment that caught our attention. Microsoft, a stock we had been long on, was showing signs of a potential retreat based on technical analysis we alerted our premium clients to this development. We advised them to consider taking some profits off the table. This can be verified on our twitter account

The move proved prescient. Microsoft MSFT underwent a correction, and our clients who heeded the alert were able to secure their profits before the dip. But this was not a signal to abandon the ship. Our broader strategy with Microsoft MSFT remains the same - we're long on it. Our decision to take some profits was merely a strategic move to safeguard gains amidst short-term market volatility.

Our commitment to Microsoft MSFT is not unfounded. With the continued strength in its cloud business and promising advancements in AI technology, we believe Microsoft holds a robust position in the tech industry. Despite short-term market swings, we remain confident in its long-term growth trajectory.

The Netflix Narrative

The Short Position Strategy

Now, let's turn our attention to Netflix. For NFLX, we decided to play a different tune this week. We noticed a potential over-extension in NFLX's upward climb and sensed an imminent correction. So, we alerted our premium subscribers to consider taking a short position on NFLX.

Our subscribers who took this advice were able to profit from the stock's subsequent plunge. This move wasn't indicative of our long-term outlook on NFLX, but a tactical maneuver to make the most of short-term market dynamics. Just like with Microsoft MSFT, our core position on Netflix NFLX remains long.

Our faith in NFLX is rooted in its strong subscriber growth and its dominance in the streaming industry. Despite facing stiff competition, Netflix has consistently demonstrated its ability to innovate and attract a global audience. We believe these strengths will continue to propel its growth in the long run.

The Bigger Picture

Maintaining the Long View

We believe August will have market volatility, it's crucial to keep in mind the bigger picture. While we may adjust our strategy to respond to short-term market movements, our core positions remain steadfast. Both Microsoft MSFT and Netflix NFLX, despite their recent dips, continue to display strong fundamentals and growth potential.

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Netflix Stock Chart
Netflix Stock Chart


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